Friday, April 4, 2008

Maya Heart Journey

Maya Heart Journey
At the Heart of the Americas : Copán Ruínas, Honduras
Yoga Maya Fusion
July 20-27, 2008

An evolving experience
merging the wisdom of yoga
with the ancient Maya science.

Awakening the Path of Maya Consciousness through
yoga, meditation, shamanic healing,
and sacred ceremony.

This very unique week will be filled with spiritual inquiry, breath, movement, and
an initiation through the elements. The theme of each day is based on the
energies of the Maya Calendar and will serve as the lodestar
for all activities with Aumrak and Leah.
Visit and to meet the presenters.

It is our intention to create sacred space for you to:
∞ Learn to follow the Maya timekeeping energies for personal and spiritual development
∞ Explore a practice of yoga and meditation leading you to Shamanic Consciousness
∞ Experience the alchemical sacred fire ceremony based on the ancient Maya tradition
∞ Enhance your attunement to your heart to help bring balance to yourself and the world
∞ Synchronize with nature’s cycles, your subtle body, and life-force energy as they guide your renovation process

Accomodation 7 Nights Per Day* Weekend*
Single Occupancy $2012/pp $291/pp $582/pp
Double Occupancy $1898/pp $262/pp $584/pp
Triple Occupancy $1777/pp $243/pp $486/pp

You may choose accomodation for a 7 night package or per day for July 25 and 26.
All accommodation is provided by Hacienda San Lucas.
Prices are per person with all taxes, entrance fees, and transportation for tours included. **

Be part of this integrative experience.

Maya Heart Journey . . . A living practice of spiritual alchemy

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