Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hello, my beloved ones
I will be in USA again this summer.
Will be in Alburquerque, San Diego, Crestone, Boulder, DEnver....
and many more....
Please let me know if you want to do some workshop with us...!

Please write me at:


Muchas gracias and see you there!


Rico said...

Querida Mamita, It is so good to see you doing so well, I am still planning on coming to Copàn soon! I will be in Santa Fe in mid May and will be in Taos on May 20th (My birthday) with my group from Belgium "Weave Your World" I am looking forward to spending some time with you!

Always, from the Light that fills my Heart, Rico

Anne Lossing said...

Hi Aum Rak, I'm so glad to see you have started a blog! It is such a good way to keep us all updated, especially while you are travelling through the states. May your way be blessed! Anne

Shannon said...

Hello, My Dearest Teacher!

Visiting your blog brings back so many wonderful memories for me. Thank you!

I cannot wait to see you here in the US, though I feel that I'll see you again in Central America first. I am working on a new book proposal that would bring me back shortly, so send some good energy my way, and hopefully we'll be riding around in the shamamobile again in no time! Copán most certainly misses us! (Or at least the men there.... Ha ha!)

I will talk to you soon. Off to make my own magic!


linda said...

Ah Mi Hermana,
It is so wonderful to read your blog and see a recent picture of your beautiful face.
Congratulations on starting your own blog so those of us that are far away can follow you on your mission.
I am not done here in Canada as yet, but plan to join you on your mission as soon as I am.
It fills my heart to read of the work you are doing re-awakening the world.
Blessed Be my sister,
"May the Gods hold you in the palm of their hands until we meet again.
with love and light,

Amulya said...

love you Auuummmm,

can't wait to see you in colorado once more.


=) Amulya

JaramayaWinter said...

Hola Hola,
This is synchronistic AumRak, this is Jeramya in Sedona, and as I've tried to follow your mission since winter solstice 2006 and before, I've felt disconnected this year, trying to find right ceremony, now you post a blog to connect. Very synchronistic, as I will now be immersed in the sacred wilderness around Sedona, connected through the web and sending love-light into the stars. I must connect more from this mountaintop cellular internet connection, dream-space, and I hope in person soon.

Morning Star said...

G'day Mamasita,
What a lovely blog page, so wonderful to see your shining, smiling face again, I have missed you and Balaam since Guatemala.
I also will be in the Colorado, Sedona, New Mexico area May, June and July, back to Guatemala for the Dec Soltstice. I look forward to inging, playing and ceremony with you again - Blissings Morning Star

karen said...

Mamita, Aum Rak My Dear One Just a short note to say hi and send travel blessings your way. I feel we will be together soon as my heart desires to serve you in any way I can. Today is 13-Transformer, Cimi, Jose's birthday and my thoughts and prayers are with you both. I have had an amazing Galactic week of the Jaguar, the earth and all her gifts of new life brings hope and peace and love to us all. Karen