Friday, March 27, 2009

Ajmac creation wave

Ajmac is the precious angel of Divine Grace.

Staying for a week or so in Guatemala city, has been quite a lesson.
Because of political, social and economical reasons, this country
is going through a very dark period. Last night, while having dinner,
We heard shots, and later the sirens of ambulances. This is happening
Every day, in many places in the city. Everybody, everywhere you go,
you hear people in panic, speaking about all the violence and robberies
happening everywhere, that is their sole conversation.

So, I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, feeling
scared about so many things, and so I remember to
start praying, thinking about all those pieces of the puzzle that conform
my life. And letting go of my fears, in a conscious manner. Using my
positive thinking to re-create my peace of mind. And of course, letting go
of all that makes me think. Not easy, I thought, but after a while, I start
feeling this mystical power again, Trust within, trust in my destiny,
knowing that even if I am in the times of the darkest hour in our
Humanity, there is always hope for the new day to come.
And this is the energy of Ajmac, the spiritual warrior, the Light bringer.
And so it is, that our presence in this world has a meaning.
Yes, every time I hear someone talking about their fears, I remind them
of the Law of Attraction, and so I feel I Am helping myself and others
create the new times. Our New World.

Letting go of all that is negative, is to go deep within, to remember
conscious- or sub consciously of all that has ever disturbed us.
Make ceremony, creating Sacred Space by lighting a candle or an incense
And let go, yes, dare to let go of it all, even what you ever though you could
never forgive. And then, you will be in Divine Grace and you will create
this special energies for everybody around you, our cities, countries,
our beloved Planet earth. We deserve it.