Monday, December 28, 2009

Lake Atitlan, the pristine one!


Lavell Flamon said...

Hello AumRak. I was musing to Charlie Smith (my housemate in Denver, CO. He recommended that i contact you) about some interesting reoccurances that I have found with relatives in my life and with their birthdates according to the mayan cosmology. One of which, I find astounding, and, speaks clearly to me about the grand nature of life. However, as I have only been loosely introduced to the mayan system, i have several questions upon questions. I have been looking for "unbiased, non-apocalyptic" information about the mayan system, but, have only found sources that i question. I understand that most of the knowledge was destroyed centuries ago with the Spanish invasion, and, only a few records survive. I understand that the indigenous peoples still practice these beliefs in some places.

I am not expecting anything from you, I am simply open to knowledge and its proper application. I understand if you are busy, and, that you may not have time to indulge. Still, I put it out there for the universe.

However, if you could humor me, this is why i have taken interest:

In the year 2000, i had a dream that woke my up into tears. i wrote it all down. it had very much to do with my great grand mother. The date was 7/16/2000, this is a date that I will not forget. Mind you, my great grand mother was buried on the exact same day a year later. Also, she was born on 7/23/1897. 7/23/2001 would have been her second 52 year cycle. Oddly enough, she was born on 7/23, died on 7/11, and, was buried on 7/16, all of which spans 13 days. Then, just recently, I actually typed in her birthdate on 2/7, a day before her glyph would reapper.

There are many who say that, if you look for a pattern, you will find it. I know that i am not fooling myself. However, there is so much for me to learn.

Thank you for you time and understanding,
Lavell Flamon 12/11/72

Anonymous said...

May the pristine, crystalline energy of sacred water be returned to all bodies of energy everywhere..

Anonymous said...

gwilym said...

I had a dream that i was swimming in the lake, near moonfish cafe in san marcos. there was a new new sewage outlet right there, it was horrible. last time i was there the water was pristine... whats happening?