Saturday, May 15, 2010

As a healer...

As a healer, I do not go any more into rhetoric and the theory of all that.
I live day to day and every day is precious.
My work is not about spreading doctrines or belief systems,
my goal is to allow the truth to shine through all those
thought patterns and mind blockages.
As we heal from past guilt and negative emotions,
we are free to be in innocence.
Trust and forgiveness are the sacred twins.
A good way to survive.

What the future will bring, is unknown, unless we trust and feel the inner guidance.
Day by day, one step at the time, and then again the soul is eternal.
Hope comes in as a friend that helps us walk the darkness of the hour.
Never read Madame B. I had her books in my hands, her language too
dark and difficult to keep me going.
Enoch also. Didn't get it, as well as all those
complicated, obscure writings.
My devotion lies somewhere else.
I am tired of trying to understand others,
She, THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER, call her as you wish, is all love, creation, healing.
Mother Earth and Nature, the elements within and without,
how to connect for healing and purification of our bodies, minds, emotions,
we need to flow with Nature or whatever is still surviving.

This time, people forgot about this planet, call her as you wish.
She is alive and it has been covered with cement, asphalt.
Poison has been sprayed to kill insects and all other animals.
Abuse in the form of civilization has ridden her of trees,
oil and all the humans use for the benefit or "comfort" of a few.
We are destroying nature, no remorse,
we do not care about how pure the drinking water will be for our grandkids,
not to say all that plastic garbage, the unlimited use of fertilizers.

You have heard what has happened to lake Atitlan, and there are just
a few lakes left with pristine waters.
The news about the oil coming out in the oceans is no longer in the media,
did they fix it?
The air in the city makes my eyes hurt and need to sneeze
all the time. Then again, what can I do but pray and listen
and be one of the few who dares to talk about it.

What else do governments need to wake up when their agenda political,
When they spend all the money in propaganda,
and forget about hospitals and health care. And education?
Then again, people have to come back to natural medicine.
Health care needs to become our own responsibility.
Self taught people are the ones who have been able to learn
All that is really needed.
And free lancers are the ones who have the freedom to create their own
businesses and not become part of the big corporations.
Not to say about the greedy ones that accumulate the riches….

How can we reverse all that damage, I don't know.
My walk in life has shared with people the art of ceremony
as a way to reconnect with Nature. Earth, water, air, fire are honored and used as healing
agents. As we heal within, we heal the all.
Practical, useful ways to do something about it.

This new revolution is of the consciousness, of the Spirit of all things.
Love, life, light. I am that I am. Truth, respect, integrity,
Awakening from the old ways.

The ones ready to understand, will.
It is about time.
And I hope there is time for everything....


Anonymous said...

Blessings My Sister,I Also Enjoy Cofidence In The Future,Celebrating Ourselves And Ourselves In Others,Forgiving Our Misdeeds And Unhealed Emotions.
Thank You For Posting On Tojil!
Earth My Body,
Water My Blood,
Wind My Breath,
Fire My Spirit.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................