Saturday, August 7, 2010

Einweihungsfeier Sonnenstein

On July 24, 2010 we went to this site called Sonnenstein, close to Dresden, Germany.

You will see the pics of the ancient celtic stones, this is where we all gathered and prepared to
do the ceremony inside the old church.
This site is quite known, for it was a  Mental Institute, and during the war,  a place where Eutanasia was practiced.  The energies were strong (to say the least) as we came.
 We all used beeswax candles and much prayer. The last part of the ceremony we went outside and the circle shared songs, prayer, intentions.  Mother Nature, as usual, answered us with lovely sunshine over the tower of the church.

On that day, a demonstration against the Nazis was planned to be done in front of the church,
as the organizers realized what we were doing, they changed their plans and many of them joined us!

Such are my adventures now in Europe!
Love and Light,

Here is Masak's album with photos of the ceremony.

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