Saturday, August 25, 2012


So, we made it to 2012.  Now what?
Everybody keeps asking this question.
 In the middle of the great turmoil that is going on, in our relationships, our jobs, our health, our belief systems....  We are on the final test to graduate.  Awakening, enLIGHTment.

As we are trying to cope with all that, and every day brings a different challenge, 
 but also a different dream, a brand new set of ideas and thoughts. So, where do we find the seatbelt that will keep us stable, content and safe?

Many of us have explored different ways, we have associated with shamanism, spirituality, yoga and also with meditation, there are also those who have explored the lands of psichodelia.  And so we have found our ways to cope.  Sometimes, when we get lucky.

But it doesn't really always work.  How can we cope when our body is ill, 
or when we have a problem where we do not see the light?

These are very special times, and it was our choice to be born now.  
To experience the Shift of Times is quite a journey, for it is not only about witnessing it,
but there is also the task of creating a whole new world. 
The creation of this 5th dimensional reality involves a clear consciousness, a true connection
 with our souls, and our spirit guides, the ones inspiring us, to start the new paths in life.

To be able to be clear in all this, it is important to deal with all the issues of our past:
We have worked so hard to hide those shadows.  
Then we find someone, or something in the most unexpected way,
and this will uncover the whole scheme.  So it is time to deal with all that. 
And how do we do it?  How many times do we have to forgive others and mostly, ourselves,
for what we believe we did wrong?

The truth, is, everything is perfect, and whatever we did or happened to us, 
it was just the right lesson to learn.  
Still, we carry regrets and guilt that makes us think we could have done it better. 
This is exactly what we need to face, with courage:   We did our best.
And let go of all of it.  Close the chapter.  Start a new one.

Of course, this is easy to say. Then there comes the time to consider finding the help of a healer.  
There are lots and lots of amazing light workers ready to help you awaken to your true Self.  
Just ask the Universe and you will find the right person.

I am in Denver now and I am making myself available for readings, healing and workshops.
Please find me on face book or write me at  
My many years of practice and expertise as a channel are at your service.
Coming from LOVE, from the heart.

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