Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The New Baktun

The New Baktun

Some time ago, when we were talking about the new times to come, we were all excited awaiting for changes in our humanity, in our world.  Many of us dreamt of a new world that would bring all the good we have been hoping for, the justice, the end of wars, people respecting nature and so much more.
So the famous dates came and even as we could feel the new energies coming to us, 
many of us felt like “nothing happened”.  
I have been witnessing many occurences in our planet: fewer catastrophes and many things we cannot really understand. The meteorites coming with new seeds from space, but also confrontations with the old patterns that have been set before us.

In the personal, I can feel like I am in a cocoon.  A friend of mine, a Shaman, said I feel like I am pregnant.  Awaiting for all the frequencies we received, all the newness to be born. Within. Without.

All of us came here with a mission.  Now it is the time to awaken and discover our hidden talents, that will only surface when we are able to let go of all of the old expectations, the old patterns we were domesticized with.  There are multiple ways to rewire our brains  To remember. and this is what is all about.  Let us do it. It is the time to heal, to awaken, to plant the seeds of the new humanity.  It is up to us.  We have seen all of the negativity, we have dreamt of the positivity and it is all of our being that is ready to reclaim it!

More and more portals are being opened almost every month, let us use these times to really concentrate and grow.

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