Thursday, March 3, 2016

Following the Cycle of Keej.

Hello beloved ones:
This time I tried something different...
A new approach on finding our evolutionary transitions through the awesome format of time keeping, heritage of the ancient Maya.

This trecena is very special for us, since it teaches us about being humble; with the simplicity of your pure love's approach to others.  It is all about using the synchronicities every day offers us, and being aware that this is the time to put our differences on hold and open up with a brand new "strategy":
To be nice, to be helpful and loving. 

It is not about what we give. It is about asking: 
"how can I give with my best intentions?"
It is about how to bring  joy and gratitude in the hearts of all. 
It is beyond material.
Sometimes a smile is enough, sometimes it is about giving a hand and knowing when the right moment is and when what you give is going to be received with the same loving frequency with which you are sharing it.

And please remember, if you have come to the moment to find out who your true Soul is, beyond the third dimensionality....your Intellectual, emotional, your mission, talents and super powers.

The purpose is that you find your passion and your Way, to share the healing of the collective consciousness with all.

Contact me if you feel the call.

The Cycle of Keej, Creation

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