Thursday, March 6, 2008

A picture is worth a 1000 words...

These pictures will give you an idea of all those amazing times we have spent in the Sacred Space of Ceremonies.

Activation Maya, in Tikal,2006

The Summer Solstice workshop at the Double Rainbow Ranch
june 2006.

The eclipse ceremony, feb 2008
At Hacienda San Lucas, Copan
Honduras, please note the figure
showing on my left.
 I was praying by myself...... 

This ceremony is the Summer Solstice
at the Double Rainbow Ranch
Boulder Colorado, 2007

This sacred fire was celebrated at the September eclipse 2007
The picture was taken in San Diego, California.
The flames are showing the Spirit of  very 
special "fire beings"

As said....
A picture is worth a thousand words....!
This is an illustration for the 
Mayan Oracle Reading.....

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Anonymous said...

I still remember my first mayan oracle reading you gave to me there in denver, that moment changed my life forever. Thank you for sharing and passing on the love and light that is us. As we become mere channels or flutes, may the divine breath play through us, making us sing sweet melodies of praise. Con amor, luz y respeto mamita. ambar.