Thursday, March 6, 2008

My services

It has taken me many years and innumerable experimenting to come up with this....
with love, always

All my work is channelled, and guided by the Sacred Nahuales, the energies of the Sacred Time keeping.
To plan for a workshop-session, please consult with me and the Sacred Calendar,
so we have some guidelines.

Maya Oracle Reading
Understand your multidimensionality and how the spirit guides of the Tzolkin help us walk through our experiences. In this soul reading and shamanic healing session, you will understand and confirm your evolutionary Path. You will explore the way to heal yourself and potentialize your your Sacred Self, how to develop your talents and find out the guidiles of your mission on this planet. This serves as a template to design an individual shamanic journey session. (Individual, open time)

Sacred Fire Ceremony
Based on the traditions of the Mayan Highland Shamans, the Sacred Fire Ceremony opens vortexes between the elements of the third dimension and beyond. These forces infuse the participants with healing energies, creating an awareness leading to a deep meditative state of consciousness. These ceremonies take place on full and new moons, equinoxes, solstices and special dates according to the Mayan Sacred Calendar. These circles are a way to celebrate Life, Love and Light in invocation of the 260 energies of the Sacred Maya Calendar, tHe Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Earth. (3 hours, group sessions)

Vidanza is a transformative movement technique that leads participants through a range of expressive motion and emotion. Performed to a progression of neo-Maya songs that evoke different energies, Vidanza participants sob, laugh, dance, howl, moan, stomp, and sigh their way through feelings both positive and negative, emerging at the end of the two-hour session renewed and empowered, after releasing blockages that hide our authentic self. This is a Sacred DAnce of the soul.

Elemental Initiations
Being initiated in the elemental rituals means to open a portal towards shamanic states of consciousness. In this transformative session, participants will reconnect with the elements of water, air, earth, and fire.

Individual or Group Shamanic Journeys
A vital part of maturing is to go through experiences that usually create blockages in our chakra system, as well as in the neural pathways. Allow your chakras to be rewired, your DNA strands to rebuild themselves and re-discover your own legend through this journey, reconnecting with unconditional love, your wholeness in Unity and Light.
Discover your new mission in these times of shift, become a beacon of Light, healing, love and harmony.
We do it in a healing ceremony employing guided technique such as visualizations,
body movement, aromatherapy. music, and plant spirit medicine. And meet Hunajpu, my crystal skull.

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