Thursday, March 6, 2008

welcome friends

I feel like sharing a bit of my essence:
I see myself as a mystic nomad,
5 years after I left my lovely home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
One good day my guides told me to leave all behind
and that I should start serving my Mamita (Mother Earth),
assisting her and her children through this amazing SHIFT.
Since 1977, when my spiritual path unfolded,
my beloved guides have been leading me to amazing places
where I have met the most incredible people; teachers, path companions,
beloved beings in all those dimensions that have brought me to this here and now,
when my heart feels full of love, peace and joyful longing of more and more divinity
manifested through me and Nature, and you, of course.

I have traveled many miles on the amazing surface of Mother Earth.
In luxurious and beaten up airplanes, modern and slow trains,
all kinds of cars, trucks and musical tour buses;
synchronistic rides on horseback and chicken buses,
walking with my staff on the mountains and deserts,
in the jungles of Tikal and the ones of cement.
And with the last whisp of gasoline smell in my "shamamovil" (1985 jeep),
alone and with amazing company. And so I go again:

I have made many ceremonial Fires:
my purpose is to create sacred space in all those places
where the tides of my destiny take me.
The plan is to raise energy levels on those spots to allow
the 5th dimentional paradise matrix to grow and expand
and bring about the paradigm of the New Era.
In dreams I travel so much more, but that is another story, a shamanic one.
It is my purpose to start this blog to share with you my stories and legends,
so, enjoy!!!
~and please write me back, share with me your ideas, comments and questions

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