Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tz'i' Creation Wave

So this is a very special time, lo learn about love, be be inmersed in love, to become love.
I have been asked to explain each one of the days of this cycle, and how to read the chart.

* The first day, June 13 we have the 1 Tz'i' which means the unity in love. This is  a day to connect with your heart, to think and share with all that you love, family, friends, lovers, mountains, animals, plants, actually, everything and everybody!

* The next day, two Batz is a day to explore polarities in the area of your joy, your creativity....
What is keeping you from creating an amazing reality?

* 3 Ee' is the activation of the energy of your destiny, your Sacred Path.  A great day to be in ceremony and ask the Universe for that little push you need.

* 4 Aaj is a portal day, definition of your connection with Heavens and Earth.

* 5 Ix is the Radiance yes, shining, to be in the center of the energy of the Jaguar. 
It is the powerful, yet gentle caretaker.

* 6 Tzi'kin is equality of the energy of the bird.  We all deserve to be singing each morning, announcing the new times, plentiful and with a vision.

* 7 Ajmac is another portal day, the Attunement to the energy of Divine Grace....

* 8 N'oj Integrity in the energy of knowledge, wisdom. Right on the day of the Summer Solstice. May we all receive the blessings of new ways to love!

* 9 Tijaax, the Intention of being in discernment, knowing what you want and don't like.

* 10 Cauac, Manifestation in the energy of the family, community, a great day to share with the ones you love!

* 11 Ajpuu liberation of the stuff that doesn't allow you to be an enlightened human being.

* 12 Imox, Cooperation in the connection with your Soul Self, a day to remember who you are, 
the Universe will help you remember.

* 13 Ii'k Trascen dance in the energies of the winds, the etheric, inspiration.

Have a wonderful cycle.  I will be in Crestone and then in Boulder and Denver.  Hope to see you there. Please check on the other blogs for info about my workshops and Summer Solstice Ceremony. And... please click on the pic to enlarge.


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for all these details! It's like being right with you on the porch in Copán! Speaking of which, I head there in just three hours, and then Monday it's off to Roatán to start the exciting, next phase of my life.

Looking so forward to seeing you in August!


Anonymous said...

Aum-Rak, in reading thru your page I came across this posting regarding Roatan. It remembered me of something you said about starting a sweat lodge or something to that effect. I would like to talk with you more about this, since i Live here and would Love to be of assistance on whatever projects you have on the islands.


Anonymous said...

Would you please post the current calendar?
Sending Love,
Crestone Sisters