Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mission accomplished!

Hello my beloved ones
This is actually the first day since I left to my USA tour that I can say I got a free day to dedicate to this blog.
I am very sorry I didn't keep up with the maya calendar, which is my intention to publish today.
I had an amazing tour and my heart is so content. I could see most of my dear ones in California, New Mexico,
Crestone, Boulder, Denver. Thank you so very much to you, Drblue and Chancita, Kalisama, Betsi, Kymberly, Amulya,
Paul Temple, Gina Kisell from the MRS, Kaewyn and Jory, the kannalitos and all the beautiful people that have been
assisting me with all that is needed in this pylgrimage. I can say now, mission accomplished.
The last 10 days I spent in Toronto, with my daughters Cris and Lore, where they also treated me like a queen mother,
filling my heart with so much love and healing. We had great times together, and those memories I will cherish forever.
Cris now will be going to Berlin for her Masters degree and Lore is a wonderful student of chinese medicine.
I am such a proud mom!


Anonymous said...

So nice to hear of your travels Aum Rak ~ we have been thinking about you here in Crestone!!

Much Love to you Goddess


Raja said...

~ I wish you the best of days my friend!