Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Hun Ajpuu,

My wonderful companion, the crystal skull that came to me
2 years ago
in the Dreamtime.
Since the first ceremony, in San Diego, California,
he was happy to go and
work with the hearts of around 40 people.
He loves to open hearts,
to heal old wounds and to reflect much light and beauty.

In these pictures, taken around the 8 8 8, he is being visited by
amazing orbs, lightbeings that Shannons camera was able to
catch for your amazement. Enjoy,as I do every time I am blessed
with the presence of true light!
You can click on the pic, so you can observe the amazing colors in the orb.
Gina see a jaguar, some glimpse a star, I love all the rainbow colors.
Please take some time and comment on what you see!

I feel very previledged to be his keeper, we work quite well together!


Jessica said...

Hello AumRak I see a turtle.
Wishing you much peace and happiness,

Amulya said...


Sasha said...

I gaze into the light and I see three babies growing in a womb.

Much love,