Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Q'anil, the way shower

This is the divine manifestation of the seed. The seeds we plant on the fields,
the ones we plant in the minds of the people we love, as inspiration, the seeds the father
plant in the womb of the mother and also
the Star seeds.
There is a very old legend that tells about the time the Grandmothers Ixmucane
and Ixpiyacoc were done creating the first peoples, they decided the earth dwellers needed
teachers, so they send an invite to all the universes for teachers to come and volunteer in this amazing
experiment called EARTH. So, many came, and only some were chosen to be here.
They are the ones we call the Light bringers, blessed beings now quite busy during the shifts
we are experiencing in this planet.
The challenge is quite fine. And this is the wave of time where we begin to create our future ways.
Each day brings a new opportunity of creating with TIME.
On the first day, we choose the seeds we want to plant, of course, the ones we see that are stronger,
on the 2, checking if the soil is the right one, to become activated on the 3, in the energy of tzi, divine love.
On the 4 day we need to define if it is the right time.
On the 5, to find the right way, where we really want to go.
On the 6, to find the power in equality, where is it really worth to plant my seeds?
On the 7, the mystical power of the jaguar, the guardian of Nature.
The 8 is the day to find the harmony in the creation of our visions of abundance
On the 9,the energy of the innocence of our intent.
To be manifested in wisdom, knowledge on the 10.
The 11 will be a day to find liberation of all our negative thoughts, doubts, to share and cooperate with the community, our families on the 12th day. and ending the cycle, on the 13, transcending into the high consciousness. (A portal day.)
I hope It is all clear for you, as it is beginning to be for me, after following these guidelines, these loving Spirits,
we can have a map to help us navigate through these times of shifts.
Note the little glyphs around each "orb" are the maya hours. On the day 1 you can see how they relate.
Also the light blue lines that cross the orbs are the lines of midnight and midday. And the darker shade is the times
we can see the moon.
Please send me some feedback on how I can make this better....
I will be in Atitlan, doing a very special wedding, and planting some more seeds....
blessings in these sacred time keepings.
love, aummmmmmmm


Biljana said...

This is wonderful :::
I try to e mail you yesterday on sep.2 and my mail returned so I assume you haven’t had the chance to read it….bellow you will find my original e-mail and I am so glad to see at the same time you posted on your blog, which answers part of my ???

So, glad to see you are out and freely sharing this incredible work the alignments of the Mayan calendar energies….this calendar knowledge has been always a mystery for me and I feel so happy the I have found you.
I would like to more in-depth understand this 13 energies….could you please explain the names and the meanings of the orbit symbols in the calendar…I see so many of them and I wish to know their name…..at this moment I am weaving on my Aztec Dance regalia and I would like to cooperate the Mayan symbols with it…..
….my seed of love and community
for our new life and beginning…..

In prayer

You are my dearest woman….sweet woman

My heart feels pleasure after our wonderful encounter at the sacred fire ceremony in Toronto.

I am glad that the Creator and MAMITA’S ways found us crossing our the paths of our most sacred journeys.

You have been in my prayers and I often think of you….I wish to learn more from your wisdom of the Mayan calendar and I hope you could guide me gently from time to time.

On August 7, 2008 we are hosting Four Elements Ceremonial Council by the river beds near my house. I am not sure if you are familiar with the incredible work of Lynn Andrews and the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Shields. Here in Toronto we gather each month for our Whistling Elk Council were we connect in this Devine feminine Light. So, this upcoming Sunday I will be hosting the Council in a Ceremonial way.

Naturally by my nature I work closely with the Water Spirits and this comes spontaneously and in harmony, I do recognize you closeness with the fire and I appreciate if you could share your insights from the Mayan calendar about the energies on Sep. 7….so I may welcome and invoke their grace in Council and send the prayers in healing??

As keeper for this sacred fire I have invited HeART Mother, the Guatemalan woman and your sister Isabel with whom you meet as well here in Toronto ( she had a reading with you and loved the wisdom that you had to offer)……

I would say this much for know and hope to open up some windows of friendship and communication…..

I went on you blog and yes, I would like to be added on you mailing list….hope to hear from you soon, before sep.7…..

In spirit

Water Spirit Woman


Sacred art and medicine work


Anonymous said...

can you please enlighten me as to why the count skips a day (saturday August 30th) between Q'anil and Tz'ikin
Thanks, it is very important to me to get clear about these matters.
Love Light,

Anonymous said...

You cannot make it better. This was absolutely perfect this cycle. THANK YOU.

Sending much love from the island.