Thursday, September 18, 2008

Onda de Imox

Hello dear friends
This has been quite a wave of creation, the one of Imox, meaning the innermost being that we are.
And of course, it is a time to prove ourselves of who we really are, what we came to do in this precious planet,
during the times we are experiencing....
I was aat the lake Atitlan, doing a very special wedding, of Averan and Melissa, dear friends from many years ago.
It is so exciting to see a young couple to be so inlove and so mature at sharing their purpose to create a family.
Needless to say, only the ones with a hard core were not shedding tears.....
Since we are way into the wave, I will just tell you that these days have amazing surprises for you.
Just allow every day to be a special chance to discover yourself, to be in touch with your heart and the dephts of your soul....
and enjoy the ride.


Amulya said...

Thanks for the inspirational message! Big love to you from Crestone
xoxoxoxo Amulya

Jaramaya said...

Miss You!
This guy Jaramaya was wondering why the count skipped Aug 31st and wishing we were wherever AumRak may be. Love in light blessings to all. Here we go!

Sasha said...

Dearest Aumrak,
I was so glad to find your blog here and I've been back quite often to check and see if you have posted anything new. I have questions and would love to chat with you more - every time I go to tribe to try and email the system is down. :(
I've been looking at the calendar and came across a website that has the days set down much different than yours ( I was wondering at such a disparity and was wondering how that could happen.
Again - I have many questions - many changes in my life since our meeting in 2006 that I would love to tell you about. I hope that all is well with you. You are in my thoughts often.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

any further profundity? I would hope so. :)