Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The wave of Aaj

Hello my beloved ones
This is quite a special trecena...
After all the trials and testing have been going through,
Aaj is giving us the times to ground ourselves, reconnecting con Mother Earth,
using her medicine, as in stones, herbs and the four elements. As a giver of life.
Allowing her to nurture us through our first chakra.
And opening up, our crown chackra to receive all the inspiration
and information from our guides and angels, to heal.
Much is going on in our world, It seems reality is turning into an ilussion,
or is it Maya, the ilussion turning into reality?
As we open up our hearts to receive all the Light energies,
we also have a choice to stay in the lower vibrational dimensions of the negative emotions
or choose, to work them all out, through the magic of forgiveness
How can we talk about love when in our search there has been so much
frustration, deception, we thought we were doing our best and the outcome is
quite..., different than we dreamt of!???
Well, this is life's mystery, and then again, we can change so much
through the shift of choosing all the best, beautiful, joyful.
As much as we want to help others, remember, this is a personal choice
and we can help more through healing ourselves.
In this garden of the Gods, we are all flowers, and each has a time to bloom.
May all come forward, nobody stay behind.....


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, i feel like a carbon filtration system for the energy that pass through me.

I am ready. Happily, gladly walk with a bundle of flowers as my weapon and a smile that melts away the fear.

How ironic is it that we throughout our lives are told it is best to share and help others... when we in actuality must be the change we want to see in the world. The illusions are clear, clearer than the mirrors that we must face- or them facing us.

we should meet sometime, or talk. I apprecaite.

- mayetze


Anonymous said...

Thank you for dropping into my meditation today.

"grow your roots before you can blossom"

much love and peace