Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back on the cyberspace

Hello my beloved ones
It has been two loooong months without the help of a computer.

My Pinkie decided to crash and left me in a "empty" state of non-techno shamanism, which gave me time and the space
to go back to the old times when I use to read books, meditate more and move to my favorite pueblo of the world: Copan, Honduras.

So, the new year 2009 found me "home' and it feels so much like a "homerun" like in baseball.... ha!

Seven years I dedicated to my pilgrimage, and now, that I start saving and finding old pictures, I find some amazing ones, that give me the feel and taste of unforgettable memories, and beloved brothers and sisters of my soul that I was privileged to find on the path of the "mystic nomad". Not to mention the amazing experiences I might start writing about and I hope to be able to remember all of them, or, at least, the most memorable ones. ( I need your help, so please remind me !!!!)

With my heart in my hands, I am in deep gratitude to all the beautiful people who hosted me and helped me find ways to share the message I was commended by my Spirit guides. The list would be too big, but know, my prayers go for all of you to be showered with all kinds of wonderful blessings.

Now I live in a castle, yes, and my one room apartment has all I need. I am giving myself some time to reorganize and get ready for all of you to come and visit. I have been told by a seer that now it is the time to convocate and bring people to the sacred temples of Copan, where the femenine energy is keeping the balance of the two Americas, like the two brain hemispheres of our dear Gaia.
That can only be good for all of us, terrestrials.

I am planning a slide show about 2012 at Hacienda San Lucas, women's circles in my new community,
Tibetan Rites and more workshops, where I will start training on all my techniques and the gift of channeling.

So, please keep in touch at:

or Facebook, Tribe (under my name) or
call me at (504) 9775 9919

like people say in Honduras : A LA ORDEN!

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