Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is quite an amazing creation wave and it talks about creativity,
the monkey is the one that calls our attention,
if you go to a zoo you will see the public is always there.
Their medicine allows to
bring us into special trance states,
whether it is while we are creating the line of art we prefer,
or while observing art as such.
Like: when we listen to music we love, we forget abour everything else.
Such is Batz and as we enter this frequencies, we are invited to enter a new way
of creating something new.
Is is our life that needs a reboot?
Is it a new reeality, a new home, a new job that will make you so happy to create it?
the Universe is the limit, your creativity will help you become
the lightworker you always knew you would become.
So, go for it.....!

In my own life I have been able to manifest the space I was looking for,
in a little town in Honduras, Copan ruinas, a very special vortex of energy
for the purpose of healing, ourselves and others.
Here we are creating a 5th dimensional space where we can gather and create all that is needed in this space, in the heart of the americas.
You are welcome and come and visit, just let me know and you will be one of the ones we are waiting for.
with open arms, full of love....

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