Friday, February 6, 2009

Onda de K'at

Well, the time for healing is here, with the auspicious energies of Kat we get to have a trecena where we can dedicate to healing ourselves and others. To be sick or in a "condition" means a lot, are we taking our sickness as a pet to tell everybody about it?
or are we still thinking about :my accident" or the "childhood" challenges...? Wel.. time to let go of all that and declare ourselves healed and sound!!!
The maya cosmovision see this as the moment we are "Into the Hole" and we need to come out, smell the fresh air, see the sun, even behind the dark clouds!
Time to forgive ourselves for all of our excesses and start taking the foods, air, and loving care from Mother Earth, do it, it's worth and we deserve it!
all the way!
I am too....!

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