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Gracias, Kalisama

Hello my friends, finally I got more info on the calendar, my dear Lisa just sent me a nice writeout about it.

How to read the Mayan Galactic Count Calendar

While this is in no way a comprehensive guide to the Galactic Count Calendar, it will help you understand the cycles as they are posted on this blog.

Creation Wave Cycles:
These are 13 day cycles and the basis of the images you will see posted here. Each creation wave is guided by the energy of the particular naguale for that cycle. A Creation wave cycles through 13 energies, 1 for each day:
1- Unity
2- Challenge
3- Activation
4- Definition
5- Radiance
6- Equality
7- Attunement
8- Integrity
9- Intention
10- Manifestation
11- Liberation
12- Cooperation
13- Transcendence

The days of the Galactic Count Calendar are measured from Sunset to Sunset. So, when you read the calendar, recognize that the cycle actually begins at sunset the day before and runs through sunset of the day marked on the calendar. The reason for this is that it is understood that it is in our dreamtime that we receive understanding of the energy of the day ahead for ourselves. When we wake, we live out the movie of that energy. This understanding helps us in setting our intentions before sleep so that we may receive guidance that is relevant during our dreamtime.

Each day is associated with one of the 20 naguales, or guardians of time. Because there are 20 naguales and 13 days in a Creation Wave Cycle, the 1st day of a Creation Wave will only be associated with the same naguale once every 20 cycles.

The 20 naguales are:

Imox (imix): The essence, source of life, fundamental mother, divine nutrition, confidence and fundamental nutrition: Red

Iíq' (ik): Spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, cocreation of the invisible reality, simplicity, forces, integration of polarities: White

Aq'ab'aal (akbal): The abyss, mystery, sanctuary, serenity, place of internal glimpses, travel to the inner self, calm, time of the dream, matrix of dream fields, exploration of dreams: Blue

K'at (Kan): The seed, manifestation of the seed, self-germination, creation, fertile earth, gestation, eruption of possibilities: Yellow

Kaan (Chicchan): Vitality, passion, perception, wisdom of the body, motivation, desire, instinct, creativity, power of the serpent, kundalini, integration, purification, privacy: Red

Kemee (Cimi): Surrender, liberation, death, transmutation, forgiveness, humility, revelation: White

Keej (Manik): Doorway, opening, beauty, identification, dance, mudra, divination, spiritual tools: Blue

Q'anil (Lamat): Harmony, star seeds, beneficial combinations, lighting of the way, octaves, expanded love, clear perspective: Yellow

Tooj (Muluc): Signals, signs, awakened attentions, conscience, understanding, self-memory, divine guidance, seed of God, cosmic communication, beacon: Red

Tz'i' (Oc): Revolutionary, new beginnings, relations and companions of destiny, emotional body, reconstruction of the past, spiritual forces, guardians and guides: White

B'aatz' (Chuen): Innocence, spontaneity, inner child, humor, crafts, monkey, transparency: Blue

Ee' (Eb): Abundance, harvest, emptiness, open vessel, acceleration: Yellow

Aaj (Ben): Fluid points of reference, space and time travel, angelic messengers, Earth-Sky column, spirit, new directions, traveling the mysteries: Red

I'x (Ix): Integrity, wisdom of the heart, alignment with the divine, magical, shaman, jaguar that can see at night, sacerd wisdom, carrier of the torch: White

Tz'ikin (Men): Hope, compassionate service, return to global consciousness, dreams and vision, planetary mind: Blue

Ajmaq (Cib) Grace, confidence, internal voice, galactic conduit, reception of mystical transmission, divine communication, cosmic conscience, golden pilar, magician's staff: Yellow

No'j (Caban): The Earth center, synergy, synchronicity, galactic alignment, the Earth guardian, fluid resonance of the world, follower of the path, crystal cleansing, the shield: Red

Tijaax (Etznab): Discrimination, clarity, clarity in the hall of mirrors, the spiritual soldier, the sword of the truth, confrontation of the shadows/dark side, integration of the paradoxes/duality: White

Kawok (Cauak): Purification, transformation, the meeting, body of light, activation for the ascension, the thunder beings, way of rays, initiation with fire, ecstasy of freedom: Blue

Ajpuu' (Ahau): The union, the 'All' , ascension, unconditional love, masters of light, return to Christ Consciousness, language of the light, ecstasy, limitless beautitude: Yellow

The Colors:
Each of the Naguales has a color or a family/direction associated with it, which you can see at the end of the descriptions above.Each family of color has a daily influence as well as an influence on each Creation Wave. The color of the first day of a Creation Wave will influence the entire 13 day cycle.

Red: East- Intention, giver of life, the sunrise, power, birth, renewal of life. Good days to begin new projects and to take care of personal problems.

White: North- Internal intention, cold, life turns inward and active hibernation. Good days to go inward for direction, inspiration and advice. Things may be difficult during these times, not the best time to travel. This is a time to go inward and work on the develpment of the spirit and possibly confront your emotions and feelings. A time of watching, observing.

Blue: West- Integration, transformation and fusion of information. Sunset, the place where light eneters into darkness. Calm rest where inspiration is born and creates worlds. The letting go of the ego so it can fuse with the great Everything, the cosmos. A good time to concentrate on our relations with others as we may run in to problems with cooperation and commitment in these relations. You may feel pressure from the transformation that is occurring at these times.

Yellow: South- Ascension, maturation, fruition, the final touch of the artist. The dirction of the tropical heat, the explosion of plants and life. This is the noon time, the highest position of the sun and life, the summer, and the growth to fruition, the power of maturity. These are good times to speak your truth, but pay attention to your emotional reactions and a need to be right as these may lead to disappointment which can be the result from visions that have not taken root in the physical world.

The Frequencies:
As you look at the calendar you will see that each day has a frequency (measured in HZ). You will begin to notice that your energy may be lower on lower frequency days and higher on higher frequency days.

Portal Days:
Occasionally you will see a "spiked" outline around a day on the calendar. These days are "Portal Days". These are times when the veil between the Spirit world and our mundane world thins. These are potent times for clearly connecting with Spirit and receiving Divine guidance.

20 Day Cycles or Waves:
Now that you have a basic understanding of the Naguales, it is helpful to notice the 20 Day Cycles (indicated on the bottom left, and when there is an overlap within a creation wave, also on the bottom right of the Creation Wave 13 day cycle.) The energy of the 20 day cycles governs the Creation Wave cycles that run within it.

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My dear Aum-Rak
Thank you so much for posting this on the calendar, i have been asked to present on the calendar in a mesoamerican art class and this is helping me greatly. I love you and think of you often as i will soon be on the road myself and may be journeying southward toward Cuzco unknown point before and beyond. I cannot wait to see you again!
Aneshia (in albuquerque