Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello my beloved ones.
This time I am doing it differently, do not worry,
I am still giving you the info about the Maya - quantum calendar.
As you can see, it is a bit different than the normal dates
in the Highland count (one day off the quiche count).
The reason is that some time ago, my dear friend Alain Galtie (Merlin)
and I received information from the Galactic Federation
informing us that this is the count actually, being used in the Galaxy!
I have been following now for about 5 years and yes,
the synchronicities are perfect and beautiful…!
In my healing work, in ceremony and in receiving direct guidance from the highest!

All my work has required a whole set of check up items and in integrity,
I have adopted what feels right for me and resounds with my Nature and,
of course, after
Muscle testing and pendulum and other ways of confirmation.
(Direct messages and channeling from my beloved guides)

This is what I am presenting to you.

N’OJ is the energy represented by the squirrel, a very smart little one.
It always knows when to jump, and where….
Always saves food for the winter…
According to many other Maya sources, it represents
awareness, knowing, intelligence,
much of what the brain works is about.
But, remember, we have a divided brain
With two very distinct hemispheres we always think in polarities.
Good, bad. Black- white. Correct-mistake…

Also, we have ways of being in oneness….
I believe the first step to reach harmony within is actually,
Being in total acceptance of oneself… meaning, yes,
Embracing all that we are. You know, when we reach perfection
And all that, we don’t have a reason to be on this planet anymore...!

Yes, this is what you are thinking; it’s about accepting that there is
no right or wrong, no mistakes. Actually, everything is perfect.
In my healing work, ceremonies and everyday life.
Once we learn to be in peace and acceptance of it all.
Challenges? Yes, welcome, they are teaching me how to solve problems,
how to be perseverant, or to recognize that what I am striving for, is useless…

Another very important issue of N’oj is how I am nourishing my brain.
Do I love to watch the news? Well, most likely the TV and the newspapers
think that in order to sell, they need to show the worst picture of the catastrophe,
the dead ones the worst. All these news full of negativity.
They do not know there is a serious responsibility on
how they are guiding people’s minds…
to fear, desperation, disconformity, and the crisis….
uhhhh! Bad news…ha!

The good news is that if we are able to focus on the positive,
good, perfect, beautiful, abundant and prosperous, this is what we can create.
And this is the prerogative of the New Era,
this Age of Aquarius everybody is talking about…. Yeah!
You know, we have all the help we need to create it all anew.
We have to break down all those rigid beliefs and things
they told us were infallible, and dare to create a new life, a new reality….
This is the time. And guess what…?
I dare you ; >

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Amulya said...

OK Aum you are ON! I take the dare!

xoxo Amulya