Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tz'i Creation Wave

Siempre mas alla….

It is every 13 days that Time, as a living essence,
offers us the opportunity to evolve
And grow in our consciousness.
The trecena or Upits Kin offers us a path to count the days
in a way that serves us as an ever changing portal
of opportunity and synchronicities,
a means to be aware of what is going on in the energy levels.

It has been my purpose to share with you
right at the beginning of each wave of creation,
some “tip of the iceberg” of what the Sacred calendar means for us,
the ones who follow it, the neomayas,
the ones who allow ourselves to be guided by its supreme wisdom.

TZ’I (OC in the Yucatec)
is the energy manifested in the physical planes by the dog.
If you have one, you know about the company, loyalty, and love
they provide. Many families consist of people and their pets.
True companions, they are always there for us, whether we
Choose to feed them fine foods or just a tortilla.

It is also about relationships.
The way we share this precious energies we call love.
And here in the south we have quite a way to be aware of it,
through this canine medicine.
Their presence is all over the place, many of them as stray dogs,
becoming a pest, instead of a pet. So they deambulate the streets,
trying to find something to eat, someone to love, and they are full of fleas,
some sick and old, some pregnant, living skeletons
being kicked and shoed by all.
Sometimes we commiserate, then again,
once a dog bites you, you don’t pet that dog again.
Is there a message in it?
I guess, for in other places I have also seen people in the same situations,
specially in the big cities.

We talk about divine love, celebrate Valentines and try to elevate this emotion
to a very romantic perspective. -Like in the movies…
When we find someone we feel safe to open our hearts to.
we give it all; that same night. Before we allow ourselves to know better.
Then when we see all is not perfect, we want to get “some space” from them,
escaping what is only our own proyection, our mirror,
and then maybe later finding someone else
presenting the same situations and “talents andd gifts”

We have chosen some karmic traits before we came to this lifetime and timeline.
we are gifted with amazing opportunities to evolve,
until one day one of the faces of love, a powerful one, we call our soul mate
shows up ,we can let go of fears and expectations and finally find love within and without.
Is love in our gardens, pets, family, neighbors, our facebook pals….?

And Mother Nature is the best teacher in love, life, light.

Hope we have a lovely trecena.
Blessings of love,

…and in the end the love we get is equal to the love we give.



joshua said...


almost one year since i meet you in boulder (well, outside at the parish ranch for SolFest).

i was the boy who crafted and gifted you the necklace post-ceremony.

spongy coral/apple coral/spiney oyster.

i just watched kan'nal perform a couple of weeks back here in Eugene, Oregon for the Faerieworlds 'good faeries/bad faeries' festival. I was getting a beer down the road at a pizza shop, and Tierro said he recognized me. I told him about wanting to get in contact with you, and he said he would pass the word.

my email is:

also, will you be at this SolFest? I will be headed back to boulder within a few weeks myself.

~nameste, darling~

Anonymous said...

I love YOU, dear shamana! Hugs from Helsinki!