Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aq'ab'aal wave of creation

Akbal is is the nahual related with the moment when night begins and everything is dark. In other levels, it is the time when we are in ignorance, in the moments when there is no understanding, no guidance. The ideogram shows the dual lines converging on the top, which is also when we dwell in the world of dualities, when we give more importance to the dark, gloomy emotions and happenings.
Many of us have been taught to avoid and escape the dark sides. We want so much to be “good” and positive that we try to avoid these very important shadow sides of ourselves.
And this is the reason why so many people use all those drugs like alcohol and prescribed “medicines”. We are simply afraid to face our dark sides. And we simply put them “on hold”
Many of us, when we cannot sleep at night, instead of facing the reasons, investigate our problems, want to get rid of them and take a pill or tea, or drink alcohol. Easy enough, it is the beginning of the endless cycle of drug abuse.
How can we help ourselves with that…?
Well, meditation is a great tool; dare to face those thoughts and ideas, use the problems as stepping stones, to be able to “see” beyond and understand the true reasons.
All is perfect, all of our challenges have a reason to be in this perfect universe.
This is the time to get rid of fear, guilt and low self-esteem thrugh the deep understanding that everything is perfect. The best tool for healing is forgiveness.
How to do it? Well, find a god day to prepare a sacred space. Light a candle. Use some incense. Ask your spiritual guides for inspiration and go for it, face your demons! The moment you start having some clarity, forgive. Forgive yourself and others for what ever comes up and then, claim your innocence. Do it as many times as you feel you need it, and you will start experiencing many changes in your life.

And I see, why this trecena it was very difficult for me to post this blog. It was indeed a very intense and extreme period of time. Extreme joy and supreme let go.
My daughters were visiting me in my new home in Copan, Honduras. We had a wonderful time together. Right on our way back to Guatemala city I received the news that my dear mentor, Padre Juan, is in his last moments on this lifetime.
Our Equinnox ceremony, at my “home” altar in Kaminal Juyu, was very intense.
Surrounded by the city of Guatemala, and in times where there is much darkness because of fear, political and economic instability, delinquency and such, our prayers were lightened up by the presentation of 4 boys to the Sacred Fire. Our prayers and intentions leading us to the prophesy of the New Times.
This is the darkest of the night, let’s find hope in the knowing that dawn is soon to come.
May the force be with us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Much love to you.

- Shannon