Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Magic Maker

I Apologize.
Since my last blog, my writing has been dedicated to other areas and I have been in a state ofTransformation and preparing myself for that only my Divine Trust allows me to know I Am being guided, as an answer to my prayers and ceremonies.

Somehow, I have been writing this blog, thinking that my words are being swallowed by the cyber monsters and nobody really reads my writings.
Anyway, a dear friend just asked me to guide her into understanding the Sacred
Time keeping and here I go, again. Please do not let it be a monologue,
Send me some feedback, so I know I am not alone in this.

As this great Divine Game develops in the stories and the History,
Turning to a her-story, that is the evolvement of the integration of our brain hemispheres, and the discovery of a simpler, less dramatic lives as we choose
To be in positivity, harmony and inlove; in our hearts.
To start using our right brain.

Of course it sounds like a sci fi…. Or some new agey thing ~
Of course there are still many that do not believe
In this…. And choose to play foul games, to themselves and others.
I believe that if you have lied all your life, it is just because you have been in contact with your ego. That one we were taught to be. Expected to do, assumed to think.
Or suffering to be the poor one that had to be a survivor, immersed in the inherited dramas of our nations, families, bloodlines, gender.
And then again, the bullies, the ones that, in such a need of power, do not
Stop and think their actions of terrorizing are hurting others so much.
Or the ones that rather flee to a non-real world of alcohol induced escapism.
So, there are also the ones that say that 2012 is the end of the world. And in fear, make fun and take advantage of the ones who are “on a spiritual path”

And then the Magic Maker comes, with beautiful creative energies.
New ideas like recycling and creating sacred space.
The caretakers of Nature and with their presence
Bring about changes, people start smiling some more.
Flowers bloom, weather changes.

Such is the nature of the jaguar warrior, Ix. Balam.
The warriors of the Light. The Love-bringers.
Guardians of integrity and in eternal internal search for truth.
Their weapons are their words and their service is their gift.
They dare to shine and show their strength and vision.
They are the ones helping create the new times,
The brave new world.
Their weapon is an open heart, their service is their truth.
You will recognize them by their authority, their radiance.
They heal, help, smile a lot and share some more.
But mostly, they have a lot of fun.
May this cycle of Ix help us realize that all of us
Can reach this priviledged state of being.


andrewgoforth said...

Every new shows a new opprotunity to open to that which is authentic, whatever wipes away the doubt and fears of ego. Being locked into a specific model of life seems to be where many find themselves lost, or even angry with those whom seem to have found something that works for themselves.
Acceptance, Tolerance, Respect and coexistance are all words that are beginning to be interpreted with a deeper meaning and purpose.
Aumrak what you say hits a sacred point within the movement of awakening and I believe that it is not just our ability to awaken but also to understand and be with its opposite numb (unconscious). Understanding and appreciating the conscious means we must also understand the places of the unconscious to form a greater new world mind that won't lead us back to the same path humans have already walked on the other end of the pendulums arch. Light and darkness converge in a special way to create something magical and pure. I so appreciate what you have shared with us all and I see even in a culture that is swamped with so many indifferences, the league of change starts only from within me, the jaguar warrior. Acceptance of others means acceptance of self first and foremost. If you cannot find truce and honor in who you are hear to discover, finding the crystallin light within others becomes a battle of ego and mind.

Jeramya said...

Your blog is my home page, love.

Anonymous said...

So good to see you blogging again.

Sending you much love from Europe. See you very soon!

XOXO Shannon

Orchid Jones said...

hey there,
stumbled upon your blog. this note was very rewarding for me to read. i love your simple conversation style, say it how it is type of writing. We are done with all that all bs, and are now remembering who we truly are. ANd i am amazed, have to pinch myself every time God'Goddess gives me exactly what i need and want and am rolling in tears of joy lauging at the thought that i ever felt i had to feel trapped and drugged and down trodden. The age of darkness is over, i know because i am experienceing the every moment, its like taking sips of cool air filled with sunshine and my memory banks are freeing up all the sour juice. allah! aha! freedom!