Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The World Servant ~ Keej

Service, quite a word, and more, amazing concept, according to the old traditions of our timekeeping ancestors, that energy represented by the deer in the Nature kingdom:
As I look in the dictionary for the right words, I find all of this.
My task is to find the right one. Although, I believe it is a concept, more than a word, a state of consciousness:

“ Meek submissive, yielding, obedient, compliant, tame, biddable, tractable, acquiescent, deferential, timid, unresisting, unresisting, like a lamb to the slaughter; quiet, mild, gentle, docile, lamblike, shy, diffident, unassuming, self-effacing. Antonym assertive.”

A role model: Mahatma Gandhi, who was so ready to do anything in order to reestablish his country, his people.
There are many unknown ones, like the firemen and women, people in hospitals, ready and willing to be there for others.
And, as much as they do, and as much as they say, their service goes unnoticed, and worse, still, they are taken for granted.
And, at the end of the day, they go to bed, knowing it was a hard day, many challenges; their life may have been in risk:
This is something they did out of love in their hearts, out of this special energy that Keej represents.

And here in Honduras, is what is happening. You have read the news. All is so volatile. Politics. The Congress took over, and took the President at 5 am, from his home, and flew him to Costa Rica in his pajamas. It all happened without bloodshed. Many countries are against, because they say
This goes against democracy. I believe this is the peoples getting rid of someone that has brought the country to more poverty. On TV I saw him like a very arrogant person, a perfect
character out of one of Garcia Marquez’ novels.
The energy of Keej, once again, in action.

Now, the challenge:
When we do things out of the goodness of our hearts, it is service.
So dear ones, take a good thinking about this and
Open your hearts to this energy. This is what our brave new world needs, and this is what the process of evolution is taking us, thanks to the ones that are hidden, behind stage. To the ones that have been able to develop the right sense of service.
Now, let’s do something, support them, assist them, and recognize them and more so: learn from their example.


kalisama said...

thank you aum, as always for sharing about the cycles.

i really appreciate your take on what is happening in Honduras right now. what i have been able to gather from the news tells a very different story. so it is good to have your 'insider' perspective!

much love and prayers for peace,

Anonymous said...

Thank you.