Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Light Bringer ~ Ajpuu

Beloved ones:

As I went through my files to find this new wave of creation, I felt quite a relief to see Ajpuu,
the nahual for this next trecena: A new period to center our light, to
find new ways to reconnect with the Divine within us.
Ajpuu is the sun for our ancestors. For us, the "ones we were waiting for",
it is the new connection with the Hunab Ku, the center of our Galaxy,
our great central sun. The one whose light, called adamantine particles,
are awakening us to the new consciousness, and creating this so much awaited
Shift of the Ages.

As I write this, a new day is coming, and through my window, I see the first rays.
The night was cold, rainy, and with the excitement of it all,
I laid down with many thoughts in my head,so sleeping was not an option.
Now the new day has come and I can start doing all that will help me prepare
for this new cycle in my own life. As I go through all my worldy possessions,
(all of them piled up in this room) I decide to let go of all that I do not need.
I find all this unnecessary stuff I have been holding on for so long,
representing memories of stages in life, now it seems, not even my own.
Light~en up! For together with the old, I am letting go of all those emotions,
Relations, stuff I don’t need any longer.
I open my heart to renewal, re activation,
A new consciousness.

The last lunar eclipse allows us to enter a period ending with this cycle.
Many emotions will come up, of all kinds. May the blessings of Ajpuu help us
desire the bright side of all of them. You know, we are creating our future.
Starting right now! (-and as I write this, the Universe responds with a ray of sun,
blinding me at first, but oh so warm and welcome.)
Reminds me of hope, divine trust, and my heart gives opens up to joy!
This new cycle starts with a smile!
Are you smiling too?
So, let us celebrate and remember:
I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Life, I Am Truth:
I AM that I AM!


(see, this is new, I am signing with a capital M, at the end!)


Amulya said...

Thanks for posting this Aum ~ a timely reminder.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. You're moving, and the US awaits you!

Much Love,