Sunday, July 12, 2009

If you can laugh about your past, you are en LIGHT ened!

Well, here I Am, during my morning meditation in my family home.
In the room where both my parents died.
I am in between, coming back
From another divine assignment in Copan,
And getting ready.
For the 7th of what we once called
The maya magic mystery tour.

And this is what comes to me in meditation,
Very strongly and with the passion to open my Mac rosita
And start writing.

For a couple of months now, I have been trained
at getting very sharp at the dictation that is one of
my next assignments.

And so I go: next are Mamitas words!

Greetings, my beloved children!

If you can laugh about your past, you are ascended!

Indeed, this is very much true, and I know you will feel shocked
about this statement. Guess why?
Because all your fears, guilt, anger, frustration, sadness,
Insecure. (Pardon my bad language…)

What do you feel when you read this statement?
A lot of stuff comes up.
Somebody might have taught you that
-You are in a valley of tears.
-That you have to work hard to make a decent living.
-To judge (yourself and others) by your figure, status, car, accessories.
-Belief Systems.
-Feel like once you had a strong experience with someone,
your relationship is over.
-Only doctors know about your body.
-Only priests know about God.

Wow, should I go on? Better not, else I will need to write a
whole book to talk about all this.
I believe the process should be different.

Imagine, every time you remember something about your life.
You go back to a very dirty spot.
Would you get in and make your feet all muddy, over and over again?
Well, this is what you do when you remember painful stuff,
all those karmic experiences you have had,
to experience in this lifetime,
All you agreed upon to heal: harmonize, forgive!
And it is thanks to it that we can, finally, evolve.

For this is the great opportunity we have in this lifetime,
during these special times that some call “The Shift”
some call it 2012, (because of the maya prophesy/ calendaric cycles)
Which is the rays of Hunab-ku, our great galactic sun,
Bringing us LIGHT !

So, you can decide now, are you ready to have a good laugh?
And allow me to join you as a loving mother and laugh till
a special understanding comes: the liberation of all “sins”
and then we’ll know: all is just a game!
Called en light ment
A game we created before you were born.
Remember how carefully we chose family, country,
time in history; planetary horoscopes, oracles
are great helps to remember. And finally surrender
to the idea that you are such, as I Am that I Am.

Now take at least one deep breath, feeling release of all stories,
Dramas, memories and have another good laugh with me.
And a great big hug, for I was always there with you.
For you. For I Am Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth,
and you are welcome to come to my realm and enjoy,
experience, experiment and feel at HOME.
All I ask of you is: Please clean up your mess!
Like all mommys!

This special time between eclipses is very emotional
And all that is reflecting in your body; that is why everything hurts,
This is to remember the spots where you stored –that stuff.
So, stretch and reach out: And have another big laugh!
You too! – AumRak!

Love you sooo much!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

thanks Aumie, i needed this right now, i laughed, and remembered that ritual we did, where u helped my heart at dr blues.LOL remember???

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful post and so meaningfull.
are you travelling to the usa?
where will you be going?
wishing you happy journey's.
valerie ryan

Fran Richey said...

It was a pleasure meeting you in Copan at Jodi and Kraig's wedding. It was a surprise and an honor to be a part of their very special wedding ceremony. I will continue to follow your writings and if you ever get to Arizona, pls be sure to look me up. Fran Richey

linda said...

How lovely to wake up with your voice in my heart after so very long.
sorry I've been away.

Anonymous said...

This is so inspiring...HAHAHAHA
I love you..mamajee

Anonymous said...

This is so inspiring...

I love you..mamajee
Blessings from India

Simon said...

Love your (& Mamita's) words! So happy to find and see you again and again! Always looking forward to the next time we meet (maybe in San Marcos early next year?)!