Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aaj, the Star Dancer

My beloved ones.
I am quoting my friend Lindi Morningstar: “We are riding the roller coaster down the other side to the full moon 3rd eclipse, 8/8 Lions gate hall of records opening, 22nd anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence - 15/17th August to the 9/9/9 - wow what a journey - what to take - nothing, in fact let go of what you don't want to carry, as it will only get heavier, have a good clean out mentally, physically and emotionally and enjoy the ride!”
Besides, we are finishing the cycle of the Wayeb. This time is known as “the day out of time”, although this cycle of the Haab (agriculture solar calendar) is 5 days long and it has been used to prepare in ceremony and intentions for the next new year to come. This timing coincides with the Egyptian and the Atlantean New year, the Lion’s gate. Special times indeed.
In the Tzolkin, (Sacred Calendar) we enter the trecena of Aaj.
It talks about the connections we have with Mother Earth and Father Sky and how much we can connect and channel and manifest these energies. It is all about taking our egos out of the way and allow divine manifestation to happen through us.
The people who have been practicing Reiki know what I mean. The divine healing energies flow and heal. It also happens when we “channel” through words and writing what our guides want to be known.
Many of you might ask: So… and how do I do it?
We all can tap into this talents, we just need to practice. A good way is to start writing a journal every morning, if possible, the moments before we really awake. Ask your angel guides your questions and start writing.
Soon you will feel like you are receiving dictation, do not interfere with your mindand question, just let it flow. And then rest. You will need some time to get used to it and then, you will have direct connection with the Source.
How about that?
Please write me at if you feel you need more guidance. Much love to you, and happy ride!


Anonymous said...

I love you!!!! Was just feeling the benefit of becoming lighter by letting things go.
There is still more to go.
You are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yes..I am feeling this more and more and allowing it to move and dance much love ...