Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shaman's duet

A mystic nomad, l have the priviledge to be host
at the most amazing spots in this universe.

One of them is my Albuquerque home
And the 3 sided whole tribe.
An amazing desert oasis, in the middle of New Mexico.
And the Cosmic Trading Post in the old town, where
Chance is creating a community store where the talented
artists have an outlet to sell their creations, yeah!

Dr Blue and I have been “pen pals”, sharing for years now:
Sometimes we send each other pictures, sometimes inspiration comes,
and stuff like this comes up.
I want to share these lines with you in celebration
of the new 9 ~ 9~ 9 Portal we celebrated last night.
We invited 10 people: 50 came.
And we had an amazing ceremony – celebration adventure.
(tequila included)


HI HO, i know nothing
and thats the fun thing.
shaman says,
be on the edge
of knowing and not knowing
but know which is which
when yu can which is
usually when you can can
dancing like a wave of nothing
you suddenly know something
but its not what you thought
you knew, sometimes old
wisdom, sometimes new
sometimes crazy wisdom
always indecision
until you decide,
left or right
fight or flight
spirit or body
hot fudge or cold tea
see, it doesnt get any sharper
than on the edge of unknowing
where the ancient cloud
is moaning oblique obfusifications
about its all relative
and all those relatives
coming from different strokes
in the gene pools,
they dont get it
as they said in
the great comic movie
its too late
always has been
always will
but wait, its now, now
and time to tune in turn on
and drop in further
since Tims already out
we are still monitoring the
planet waves
and family raves
and knights and knaves
and we are certainly prone
to stand up straight and
pretend we know something
anything at all that is certain
would be a good thing to know
and this isnt just hippie
epistemology or
no, its the shamanic talent
of dancing on the edge of meaning
until the universe
plays shaman says,
and its suddenly clear
which way is up
or which way is down
what should be serious
and who is the clown
but seeriously folks,
thats all for now
this is no luny tune finale
its keeps going and going and going
ever ready to demand
more attention
which curiously means
entomologically less tension
so relax and float downstream
its the beginning its the beginning...


The shaman that walks on this sacred earth
came for the grand adventure:
one day clear and spotless,
one day walking on the sharp edge,
one day not walking
one day flying...
the other, traveling across dimensions
and the inventions.
In deep surrender,
for what else would make us go?
trusting, not oneself
trusting those guiding spirits:
sometimes so direct and clear
sometimes seems they’re hiding,
when always there.
Knowing the star people,
make the shapes of the clouds
make this world go round,
and put up with ET.
Trusting manifestation
that comes and go, and goes
and comes: may it always happen
may it never go!
Still, there we go, again
when it all hurts, when in pain
when all is done and still beyond:
fighting the lost causes
and finding them, all over again.
Finding the light even in the darkest moments
or inventing it, making it up!
Grabbing ourselves from a rod that doesn't exist
knowing it may, then manifests.
Making it rain and tornado
and then again you wonder:
When the rainbow comes up.
and when our work will bloom.
Like the fool we go and walk
and the flowers bloom under our steps
and the people smile, and heal.
We don't turn back, we just go ahead.
and keep planting seeds in the soil of hearts,
in the ears that don't hear
but then again they listen
once in a while, when there’s good music.

Oh the shaman, the maker of magic
the believer of nothing
the creator of moments
that come and go.
and we forget
what others will ever:
because the roses are red
their scent is healing
their color invisible.

Been in all the dimensions
enjoyed by angels and demons.
What do I know, it just happens!
It's not me, it's what I represent.
And then again I trust,
And then again
I Am that I Am.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful ..blessings
bare their essence
bartering our things
less the machines
bringing back love
being believed
banning the separation
carrying the seed
my heart is yours
and theirs we all see...

Donald (BEAR)Hanes said...

Mamita, our mother
Raize your voice, sing loudly your song.
We live on concrete, in buildings of illusions.
We do not hear you. We have forgotten you. We do not know you!
But, be a good mother and feed us as we greed for more then we need. Love us ,as we will not love each other.Forgive us as we hate and hurt each other. U are all we have.