Sunday, November 1, 2009

dia de muertos

The day of the dead….
I almost celebrated it today with my own funeral.

Yesterday I was robbed at gunpoint,
With much violence and impunity.

I won’t go into details, for my purpose today is to share
the reflexions inspired from this extreme experience.

It was the day 11 (challenge) and ix, (the jaguar)
And yes, I was challenged tremendously, at many levels.
All my emotions were shaken, like a tree, and the fruits fell.
Some of them were rotten, like my good old “poor me”,
the energies of fear, despair, loneliness, insecurity,
wow, I was shaking!
I came home right away and made ceremony,
in gratitude that my body was not hurt, my car still there.
Did some smudging, a rose petal bath and all the medicine I could find.
and made a new resolution: To be fully alive and conscious.

We are constantly hearing about all the terrible things that are happening now,
And we are empathic enough to listen and share with others in the so called compassion. How can’t we???

The day before I had lunch with my friend Brux and she was sharing her feelings about how her secretary’s husband was killed. My comment was for her to be
careful, not to loose her center and allow anything negative to happen to her.
And guess what, I was the one who had a crack in my power of protection,
Therefore, allowing this to happen! Quite a lesson, ha!

So, I decide to write this,
So my negative experience turns into something for the best of all.

It is the time to enter a new consciousness, to let go of all the old patterns
And ask the universe for help to really let go.
Recycle those rotten fruits, compost them!
If we want to be in the 5 dimentional conciousness, we have to meet the divinity
within, in a pure, clean, clear heart and that only happens when we really decide it.
Do it for a whole week, use the affirmations and prayers you prefer,
(I Am resurrection: this is the true meaning)
Ask your angels and guides to help you at this.
We really got to create the new world, the new reality,
And the only way is to do it in our own world, our inner circle!
So, beloved ones, WAKE UP !
Me too.


Amulya said...

Thanks for sharing this story Aum. I am so grateful that you are unharmed. Many continued Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Mi preciosa Aum Rak, doy Gracias a Dios que estás bien y te doy gracias a ti por compartir este mensaje. Ultimamente, no he pensado en protegerme a mi misma, ya que muchas personas a mi alrededor estan enfermas y pido que se protegan ellos, no yo misma.

Un abrazo y polvito de Hadas.

Atentamante, Mariel - San Diego, CA.

VisionWise said...

so many beautiful lessons...