Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 6 night

This day marks the beginning of the 6 night of the galactic underworld.
In the time lines we are familiar: Sunday, November 6, 2009
(See Carl Callemans monumental work on the long counts of the Maya calendar) file://localhost/(http/::www.calleman.com:content:articles:nov8_sixth_night.htm

As I observe in the time/space phenomenon ,
actually, the reality in our world. is quite dark and scary.
I am bombarded with Internet messages where people are denouncing
the extreme corruption of the governments; the ones in authority
are bleeding people of the little money left,
and I don’t mean just taxes: it’s greed at its highest degree,
consciousness of the lowest level. They only care about being powerful.
And making as much money as they can.

We have enormous problems; the ecology is totally out of balance:
drought is happening because of excessive deforestation,
there is no security in the streets; anyone can get mugged.
I just read that a certain “mara” (gang) is “initiating”
their members by obstructing the city traffic and shooting
the people that use their car horns so they move on…

I see myself surrounded by total chaos.
Makes me remember when my mentor Padre Juan de Dios
announced us his dismissal from the third dimensional body,
we asked him why, he told us that things had to get really bad
before they could get better, and he didn’t want to be here.

Now, I wake up in the middle of the night,
( 7 Aq’ab’aal, the mystical power of dawn,)
I Am wondering what can be done about it, on how to
help expand my consciousness and the ones closer to me,
I mean the guy who thinks that in order to cope with his reality,
get drunk, hits his wife and children and you hear the whole mess
and there is nothing you can do about it.
Police is so corrupted; you do not really want them around.

I think it is a great lesson on how we can create a shield of protection
so we can go unharmed. And the special joy when against all odds,
we succeed. As we go around, and do, whatever we can do…

So, in my hour of meditation, Mamita comes and says:

Beloved one:
I understand what is going on and I know how difficult it is to be living in this time lines while you feel surrounded by darkness, ignorance, and violence.
We told you it would be worse than your worst nightmare, and still,
you wanted to experience this Great Shift and witness the darkest hours.
To encounter the underworld. The ancient stories tells you how the hero twins
of the Popol Vuh play the Cosmic Game against all odds,
and at the end, they emerge victorious and become the moon, the sun.

That is the amazing challenge and the way you wanted to be tested, to become stronger and smarter, more aware. Through this, your consciousness will expand,
And grow as you learn new tricks to cope with all of it.

In your deep sensibility, you suffer when a tree is cut off, when a precious animal is being killed, when you see the serious ecological irreversible ruin that unconsciousness is destroying. And much more will happen until the light of the galactic dawn will shine on you. So, you have to learn to be strong enough to start creating a new reality. And you will have all the help you need, from us, the ones in the subtle multidimensions, are here to support and help you. During your dreamtimes you are connecting with us, and being guided. As you are, writing these lines.

Always remember, we are here to help you get out of the darkness of your sorrow,
the feeling of being alone and helpless. As you witness injustice, violence, terror and
all that the ignorance of the people is doing to Mother Earth, new ideas are coming up, in the need to heal. As you learn how to cope with it, wanting to create changes, you are creating the sacred space needed for us to come and take action at the subtle levels. With your prayers you are actually allowing us to help you, to inspire people
to awaken and open their consciousness.

Every time you call upon the angels of justice, whole legions of them are coming
to bring important lessons to the ones in despair and hatred to awaken and change their ways. Not everything is lost, as you sometimes think.
Your ceremonies have created deep healing energies in the places you have been.
Remember, you are being guided, protected, and inspired and all we ask you to do
is leave it all to us, dear: trust. We are here to surround you with all the love and protection you need. We also need you on that side of the multidimensions.
You are doing a great job.

Now rest and dream of this brave new world you are creating.


Millennium Twain said...

kia ora, AumRak,
Maori blessings.
This Sixth Night is that of the Illumination of All Spirit/Spectrum, All Beings/Ancestors. See my short announcement at: http://www.ojaipost.com/2009/09/returned_omnigendered_personal.shtml

Also the story by Simone Butler, "Total Bliss for 360 Days" ... http://www.astroalchemy.com/articles/mayan.html

Anonymous said...

Yo veo hadas en la foto de este bosque. <3

Mariel. - San Diego, CA.

VisionWise said...
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