Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let's embrace the lake!


Many of you have seen the different videos, pictures and at least,
the news that the sacred lake of the Mayans, lake Atitlan, is affected with the Cyan bacteria.

The waters, once clear and transparent, the ones we used to call
“The mirror of the Heavens”, is now a stinky, greenish and sickening dump.
Some say this infestation goes as deep as 25 meters below the surface.
And, it is not only the looks of it, imagine all the people that bathes
and drinks and cooks with its waters. It is a real health hazard.

I remember the times when it was safe to drink its waters,
and sure enjoyed swimming in those wonderfully clear, fresh shores.
My heart feels so many emotions about it and so; I feel the call:
We have to do something about it.

In my hours of meditation, my beloved guides told me:

In many shamanic traditions, all over the world, it is said that
rivers are male, lakes female.
And the element of water is connected with sadness, grief.

What is happening with the lake is the expression of deep sadness
of the women, specially the indigenous ones, that have been
experiencing so many levels of abuse, resulting in a lack
of self-esteem and the indifference of the males, their mates.

Our lake is showing what many of us women have experienced:
Cancer: Our bodies rotting away, due to abandonment,
unfairness, unjustness, inequity, cruelty, tyranny, repression,
exploitation bias, prejudice, discrimination, intolerance
and the lack of respect we have suffered for so many centuries.

The ceremony we are planning to do in the 19 of December (all day)
is concentrating in forgiveness and letting go of all those energies
to finally start receiving the love and harmony that the 11:11:11
doorways have been transmitting to our planet in the etheric levels.

It is only when we have undone our emotional energy blockages,
that we can finally start healing, then we can help our sons,
nephews, our men with their healing process.
And: our beloved lake, as well: our planet!

I invite you, dear ones, to start sending so much love to Lake Atitlan,
And to my dear sisters on this planet to start working with all of our inner
feelings, whatever makes us feel ashamed, abused, intruded, put down.
We know that what we most reject is what we most attract, so let’s have
the courage and do healing ceremony, gather in circles and allow those tears
to finally flow free and as a result, to start a new life where we can
finally attract all we deserve in dignity, grace and love.


Simon said...

Sister AumRak, when I read your words about the 'Navel of the Amerikas' I was shocked.
We had Masaru Emoto here in Glastonbury talking about water and empowerment, and of course he has shown how we can clean, clear and energize water with prayer, certain music and love.
I will discuss with people involved with water issues and ceremony. Perhaps there is more we can do.
I remember my last time at Agua Azul, to see how hundreds more people had moved there and how they were washing clothes in the beautiful waters using cheap detergents. There were algae blooms because of the nitrates and the water was looking more like 'Agua Verde'! Maybe the problem at Atitlan is the result of nitrates too?
Yet when I first went there I washed a shirt without soap and it came out smelling so fresh and as if it had perfume on it, so pure was that water!
It's a big story, all this forgetting and abuse of our special friends the Undines. Surely when anyone comes to Atitlan they can bring healing waters from other sacred springs and ceremonies, to recharge the energy of the lake and bring balance once again.

Bless you in all your work.
Peace be with you in all the company you keep.
Long may you walk the beauty way!
In Lak'ech

Anonymous said...

Merry Meet Aum Rak
Its curious what you have said about unbblocking our emotional feelings so we can start healing. I have been doing exactly that with Marcela Ochoa its a very sublte change but you feel ligther after the sessions with her. Its the start of our conscius mind to be able to enter those higher levels in which the planet is crossing by. It is the first phase of our evolution into a higher kind of humanity, conscious of our healing powers, the powers of nature and therefore so called magick like other people calls them. Its the representation of all. I feel the connection into the higher levels. Its so amazing. I wish other people would be able to feel it but we need to help them.
Lots Of Blessings.
A question do you need anything special on that day?
Lady Seeta

katre said...

Where will the ceremony on Dec. 19th be held? Is it open for anyone to attend and or participate?

Lennie Martin said...

My heart is saddened to hear of the sickness in Lake Atitlan. Truly our own human disharmony and destructive actions have sickened the pure waters. Although I cannot be there for the ceremony, I am sending love to the lake and working to harmonize my own inner feelings for this healing. In Lak'ech, your Solar Sister Lennie.