Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blessings and love from India

My beloved ones,

It has been a while since I have written in my blogs.  My "Maya Magic Mystery Tour"- through Europe was very special and I hope one day to have the time and space to write down all those beautiful memories and stories about this trip. You might have seen some of the invites for the seminars, ceremonies and all the amazing experiences I had.  The great big highlight was to be with my precious daughter Cris, now in Germany, doing beautiful work with young people.

As my first visa expired, after 3 months I got to make an old dream come true: I went to Glastonbury England, visited Stone hedge, made ceremonies at the Tor and went to Avalon in my dream walking...I even got to sit and meditate in a crop circle!

Now I decided to come to India, where I am doing a total tune up to re energize myself to newer horizons... It is called Panchakarma and if you get to come and do it, I strongly recommend it! I am doing a lot of yoga, meditation and physical cleansing of my body to support the spiritual tuning I am concentrating on.
I've already been here for nearly one month. My plan is to go visit some ashrams to feel and experience Yoga in all its phases.  The people are so peaceful and kind, I wish I could speak their language, although we understand each other very well...It is quite a mystical experience.

 I would deeply like to tell you is about this upcoming solstice.  With the eclipse going on, it will be very intense; I will be doing ceremony here in the blue mountains of south India.  Please pray for the peace of the world, for the coming and disclosure of our star brothers and sisters, who have amazing technology to help us cleanse our dear Mother Earth... for our hearts to open to sublime love... for all of us to enter the new times, this grreat shift with ease.  For the countries that are going through very extreme challenges...

Please enter the sacred space of meditation as you intend your heart wishes to come true, it is for the best of all...
I will be with you all in my prayers.

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Anonymous said...

schön deine wort zu lesen meine liebe freundin...alles liebe guido