Monday, February 28, 2011

Strengthening our Love

Hello my Beloved,
many of you have gone through tough times with your partners and relationships, many of us have tried again and again to find love or refresh love and many of us still wonder what went wrong and why we can’t seem to find and keep the kind of sacred relationship we love and deserve.
We cannot delete love for somebody when a relationship reaches an end. This love only transforms and this transformation can lead to a great friendship or new opportunity. A big mistake with many of our ‘failed’ relationships is that we think that we can delete the person from our lives, from our heart, or, that we can replace one person with another person. We find new friends, new ‘family’, new romances hoping to replace the ones we are unsatisfied with, hoping to delete them or forget. After 15 years of separation, I still think of many aspects of my marriage and I still relate many feelings to those I went through with my ex husband.
The most amusing part of this is that we think that we can leave someone, or get over someone and that we will find another person who will lack all of the faults that we saw in our last relationship… that we will find someone ‘better’, but, in reality, the love we experience is so close to our own hearts and emotional knots, that it accompanies. Thus, we change its face by finding it in another. Remember that person who you tried so hard to keep by your side, and how certain feelings reoccurred even when you’d found another companion who was different than the last, how perhaps your way of dealing with differences and disagreement hadn’t changed. By putting a new face on the objects of our desire and projecting our hopes on them we change the receiver of our emotions. We must learn that our love also provides us with exactly what we need in order to learn, to grow, to evolve- and it manifests itself in our partners.
I invite you to reflect on the love in your heart and in your home. I invite you to enter a stillness, to find the source of this love, the definitions you have for it and moments when it was vulnerable or jeopardized by pain. I invite you to mediate and listen to all of those aspects and manifestations of love in your heart, to listen without judgment, without interrupting the emotions that come up- to simply observe. Let the ideas and images bubble up in your mind, and listen with compassion. For you are the vessel, the lover and the beloved. Inside you is the source of the love you crave and seek
It is a time of great changes and of great transformation. It is a time to fortify our alliances, not to fight with one another because we cannot live up to each other’s great expectations. We can accept others the ways they are without expecting them to change. Love is a healing power that can facilitate change. Not by force, but by compassion. The faces of love in our lives change, but the history of our love is constant with all of the beautiful aspects and those that are less beautiful. All learning opportunities.
Allow yourself time. Allow others time. Allow time for compassion and transformation.
Yesterday, I visited a very beautiful site. Matri Mundi. There I read of the qualities of love. Here are some words that you can meditate and think of.
* humility
* Gratitude
* Perseverance
* Aspiration
* Receptivity
* Progress
* Courage
* Goodness
* Generosity
* Equality
* Peace
The Mother, Mamita, says that we must develop each aspect individually in order to find the meaning of each aspect in our hearts. This is the alchemy of love. Beautiful isn’t it.  Love is in manifesting the truth that we can only internalize by meditating and reflecting on these words and everything that is behind them. In invite you to take these words with you into your days and to let them find their way into your hearts.
In love and light,


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Beautiful reading your words again. Love, Shannon

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