Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Connections

My beloved,
On this pilgrimage in the south of India, I have found many special things and experiences many special places that remind me of the Maya. In Tiruvannamalai there is a complex of the central temple that is very similar to some of the temples of the Mayan world. I imagine that in the time of the ancient Mesoamericans, there were similar forms of adoration as those that I have experienced in India. The difference is that those who colonized these places did not try to change the religion and did manage to destroy the culture. That is why thousand-year-old temples are still found intact and the Hindus have been able to pursue the traditions of their culture.
In our lands, the “indigenous” (called so because Christopher Columbus thought that he’d found India),  were persecuted, assassinated and demonized because of the simple fact that there were figures, paintings and idols of serpents on the temples. We know that in Christian symbolism, the serpent is a demonic creature. To the Maya, the serpent is an indispensable element to the cycle of life : it is the fire!
The most natural way to receive this gift is in the form of lightening and the ancients experienced lightening as a serpent coming from the heavens. It is unimaginable that this simple error of interpretation became responsible for the death of a millions and the destruction of the civilization. In the written reports of the conquistadores, it is said that the fires caused by the burning of the Mayan scripts (the sacred literature) burned for three days and three nights. Some sages threw themselves into those fires and burned along with their sacred books.
Last summer I had the great honour to be present in the Landesbibliothek in Dresden, and to enter the treasure chamber and to personally examine and meditate with the only Mayan book that is still accessible to the public. It is carefully guarded behind glass and there are some formalities in order to gain access to the chamber. When I was in this inner sanctuary, in the presence of the CODEX DRESDENSIS, I felt supremely awed to be able to behold, finally the original drawings of the book that I was fascinated with in my younger years, must be about 40 years ago!  In a moment of clarity, I allowed myself to indulge my tears, to “feel” the text instead of just observing it. I have often drawn these images myself, the figures, glyphs and lines, and in so doing, I tried to find so much sense in it as I could only possibly find in re-creating the images. MY great discovery in allowing my hands to feel those energies was that the CODEX is not only unique and marvellous a piece of art, but also an extremely potent power object that left me totally amazed, in awe, overwhelmed. This is why it is called a CODEX! 
Thanks to the amazing researchers and archivists at the SLUB in Dresden, you can view the Mayan Codex here on their webpage in high quality digital form.
Later when the guests arrived to participate in a meditation that we had organized (with the help of my good friend Paul), Mamita honoured us with her presence and with her words of wisdom and announced the great significance of our meditation with the CODEX and she allowed us to know the great significance that our meditation would have in creating an energetic bright between the CODEX, ourselves and of our intentions with the Mayan people. Not only that, she announced that much of the information contained in the sacred text is of great significance for the new times to come and that the communications from the brothers of the Galactic Federation, that are supporting us in the great transition caused by the changes of our planetary axis, the solar flames and all of the prophecies of the scholars of the Mayan timekeeping.
The message that Mamita lovingly gives us is filled with peace. She does not speak of tragedy or of catastrophe like some people do by announcing negative and striking statements in order to gain fame or fortune. MAMITA announced the possibility for a new awakening of human consciousness that will lead us to new frequencies and manifestations of our Being in the course of human evolution!
Here in India, I have found confirmation of Mamita's message within the teaching of some of the great Gurus of last century. In those of Sri Ramana Bhagavan, who focuses on the thoughts or the superior mind and in the processes of ascension that are taking place today within those who are seekers of the truth. It is fascinating how the wise civilizations of the earth, being oceans apart, can have so much wisdom in common!
A special experience I had was a visit to AUROVILLE, a city that has been created for the future of humanity by a woman that the locals call The Mother. This community modals itself after our galaxy. There is a golden globe edifice in its centre called the MATRI MONDI, a geodesic dome formed by figures based on sacred geometry y covered with 25 kilos of plate gold. It is such a fabulous sight! I will meditate on this closely and wish to be able to write more about this powerful place and others like it that I have found on my path as well as the revelations that we have received in ceremony, meditation and sacred moments.

You are all so special and wonderful, I write you this in love and peace.


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