Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lunar Eclipse June 1, 2011.

Hello my dearest ones
I have been inspired to share with you some insights about the moon eclipse we will have on wednesday.  This is a "collage" of writings I  found, and I really love the idea that we are all together in the co creation of the New Times....!
 Many celestial events are occuring that Humanity as a whole is not aware of and these will continue to take place even as the stretching and reaching to higher levels of understanding continues to expand upon your 4th dimensional World. Many occurrences that defy explanation in both your personal and Planetary constructs will continue to take place and these will help Humanity to make the shift in their awareness to the realization that something BIG is looming before them and that they are required to Awaken and take notice of the events and changes that are before them. There will be a movement forward in the consciousness of Humanity to seek greater levels of understanding in order to comprehend their part in this drama that is unfolding and what is required for them to make the transition from the lower densities to higher levels of thought and practical applications of these new ideas.
These times require clarity of thought, purpose and the will and intention to continue to follow through on your determination to BE the change that occurs upon your World. Stay focused, Beloved Ones, and keep on keeping on!

Dotting the time to the marker of summer, we have a series of three eclipses approaching, starting with the New Moon this Wednesday. 

~ June 1, 2011 - Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Gemini)

~ June 15, 2011 - Total Lunar Eclipse (second of three in just one year!) on the full moon in Sagittarius-Gemini

~ July 1, 2011 - Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Cancer)

 I do know that all sorts of things happen during eclipses.  They are beginnings and endings, mirroring what was going on during the last eclipses (a year ago!).  We will all most likely feel the effects of these potent alignments. How they affect us depends on where the zodiac signs fall in our individualcharts, and what we continue to hold onto that no longer serves us.  In any case, the energies point to intense activation, release, and transformation (what else is new!!)

Stillness, centeredness, releasing all...these are the watchwords.  Take as good care of yourself energetically as you do physically by keeping yourself clear and balanced.  There are many ways of doing this.  Whatever way you choose, this practice goes far in helping to gracefully ride the waves of further change that will be prevalent this summer. 

Whether you can see them or not, you’ll feel the effects of these potent alignments. The June 15 lunar eclipse aligns with Galactic Center, and the July 1 new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct the great star Sirius. The June Solstice falls in the middle of all that.

These last words I copied from someone who sent me an invitation to do some work.... In New Jersey USA.  
I think it is a wonderful reminder for all of us to be very aware of what is going on in the multidimensional.

The first  one, on June the 1, will be, according to the Galactic Calendar of the Maya Time keeping, the 5 Ee, an excellent day 
to help us find our center, our power to re create a new path in our lives.

The eclipses are a time to look inward, to heal, release and restructure. To take action on fine tuning with focus on the self. Thus each moment of this opportunity is an offering that will enable your acceleration. This happens first with the Self, and the removal of static facilitates your ability to best utilize this important flow of the 'Wind of Change'. By facing your unique challenges in this movement, you will ultimately gain and grow. But do so in love. Love is ever the key. But love requires strength, and impeccability is defined by being true to your self. Now is the time! Seize the day!

For your life to change, you have to change. No one is going to change your life for you. Life is of your making. And you make it with your thoughts and your hanging on emotions. Get out of the past where you have been living. This is how to change your life. Enough of reliving the past. Come to life now.

Part of the divine grace gifts we are now receiving from the Universe, is to be able to re design our realities, 
and as many of us have a feeling about the things, situations, issues we are experiencing are not really the 
best, they don't make us feel renewed, satisfied and/or blissful.  
And then again, all of this is happening to help us be aware, to heal and evolve.
So this is the opportunity to make a ceremony.  
Allow your creativity and the intention of transforming ourselves and our futures be the motivation to
create our sacred space.   To be aware of the 7 directions:  The HEart of the HEavens, HEart of the Earth, 
the 4 directions, and the present moment.  have some fire present, a candle (bee wax is the most potent)
incense, an altar......  and the best of your intention.  
It will help to be creative about it: have some paper, pen or colors, 
to create a nice picture, a poem or simply write a list about all that you would like to transform in your lives.  
Important is to respect other peoples free will. 
 And to be very detailed about what we want, and then, wish it from your heart, 
so it will be done for the best of all.

Everything we create from a place of inner unity is imbued with the essence of eternal oneness and love. Writing, art work, inventions – everything created with a unified consciousness holds the power to help shift others to higher dimensions because it carries the codes and keys of inner unification.

All of us deserve the best reality and many places and people on this planet are going through deep transformational
challenges.  Mostly fear and the traumatized minds of some have created situations and issues that have become
everybodys concern.  We chose to be born in very special historical times -for our whole Universe !
So this is our new opportunity, and as I learned from my son:  Everybody deserves a second chance....
So let's take this amazing astrological moment to lovingly create a wonderful new reality for ourselves, 
knowing that as we cocreate a new reality for us,our whole environment will change.  

I just found an amazing prayer:

"I stand tall in the Light of the Love I AM.
"I have all of my being, all of my energy fields, focused upon the One We All Are.
"And I rejoice in the empowerment even now coming more into my fields,
"Love and Light unending, lifting me up, because I give permission for it to be so!
"I give permission to Myself to claim my Sovereign Freedom, to fly upon my
Path of mission, to heal all that is to be healed within me, to receive
Inspirations from the totality of the Love I AM, and to be inspired even more by
The One We All Are, and to give unceasingly, unendingly, of this great Love Light
"I embrace Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms.

"And I say to all, below, on, and above this bright Planet:
"I AM here to serve, and
I renew my vow of commitment, even as I express infinite Love, Respect, and
Gratitude to all members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, and all of the Light Beings
In the dimensions beyond three.
"And I recognize that I AM Light Being in the body of the Human.
"And I give permission to my Beloved Body to hold
These higher energies of Love and Light, to lift up even more, and to remember
At all times, Who I AM, Divine Being in mission and service to all,
Planet Earth and beyond.

"And so it is, I commit the Totality, the Divinity, and the Sacredness of Who I AM.
"And I join with all Divine Beings in the Universe to further even more the
Ascension of Planet Earth.
"And so it is! And so I AM!"

"Let the Light shine always in your beautiful Beings, and remember always that we came together with this Declaration, if you will, and that upon this day, and this time, as you call it, we assisted Mother Gaia and all of Her Kingdoms to move even farther upon the Path of Ascension, and into the Golden Age, as it appears and comes even closer, because we have made it so!

Your participation in the evolution of our species will be achieved through the work you do with your own Soul. 

I wish you all  precious moments of inspired ceremony.  And send you all so much love and best wishes.
Paz y fuerza



Dear si-Star beautiful compilation!
We had a Shakti Circle on the 1st June Solar Eclipse day, which was a tremendous POWERful Gathering a 4 women BIRTHing themselves in the LOVEing hands of ONE another....this was the 2nd SHAKTI Circle after your departure from India. The first was YOUR circle (which I honorarily hold in your place ;) and it was 13 days before..... LOVE and BLESSINGS to all of US :) GAIA

Jaya Jensens said...

Dear Aumrak
Thank you for your divine guidance. I will continue to pray for us all to open our hearts and receive all the love that we need to transform ourselves and our beautiful world. We are so full of potential!! I remember with so much love and gratitude the ceremonies we did here on Roatan and I hope and pray we will get to do more ceremony with you.
In love and light,
of our divine Mother,
Susan xox