Sunday, November 20, 2011

Accross the Ocean

It has been a wonderful journey accross the Atlantic and I am enjoying the company of my sister in Florida.

Yet my path continues and soon I will return to the land of the Maya, to Copan, where I will be participating in an event in Copan, Honduras, a celebration to honour the "Fuego Nuevo", or New Fire. This important ceremony takes place over 5 days and are dedicated to rebirth and recapitulating the events of the past year. It is also an opportunity to fuel the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and unity!

The Copan Commity invites you to join in the first event to mark the approach of a new era, reviving the tradition or closing and opening a new period of time, to prepare ourselves with new intentions of peace for the people of Copan, Honduras and the World at this time when we most need it!

For information on getting to and staying in Copan, please visit

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